SRUCTURAL INTEGRITY of your product throughout the entire life cycle.

Material fatigue is one of the major causes of failure when products are subjected to cyclic loading or vibration. Recurrent varying loads can lead to microscopic changes (cracks) and ultimately to malfunctioning with serious consequences.

Already in the design phase, the structure can be examined for its expected service life.

As a highly qualified service provider for FEM calculations, we perform detailed as well as simplified life cycle assessments. We determine the load by applying normative collectives based on current standards or through custom calculations tailored to your needs.

Already in the design phase, we identify critical areas of your structure and, if necessary, propose design improvements.

When defects occur in an existing structure, a fatigue analysis helps to identify the causes. This allows to find repeated errors and to optimize the design.

If the structure is exposed to other loads than have been taken into account for the design, the cumulative damage that has occurred can be calculated and thus the remaining service life can be determined. By this way, it can be decided whether the life span is reduced, the selected detail needs to be replaced or maintained more frequently.

As the highest level of detail in the life cycle assessment, we offer crack propagation calculations. In doing so, we either start from an ideal flaw or a specific crack. We then assess the extent to which this crack affects the service life. In this way it can be decided whether a crack has to be repaired or if a regular assessment is sufficient.

To do so, we either use state-of-the-art analytical approximation methods or model the crack using the innovative XFEM.

The weather changes. The responsibility remains.


Fatigue simulation with FEM
Life cycle simulation with FEM
Fitness for purpose analyze with FEM


A selection of our references:

  • Stress prognosys for measurements with strain gauges and fatigue calculations for a transformer platform
  • Calculation of strength, fatigue strength, collision (ship impact) and lifting process of a met mast (subcontractor)
  • Calculation of fatigue strength of the HELWIN Alpha cable tower foundation
  • Fatigue strength analysis (FLS) and strength analysis (ULS) of the ICCP-system and the grout connection of an offshore platform
  • Life cycle analysis of the corrosion protection system at an offshore jacket
  • Crack propagation simulation at offshore tubular joints
  • Investigation of the failure of an inductive sensor due to thermal alternating loads
  • Fatigue assessment of the crown plates at an offshore platform



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